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Should you get your CV translated? Why and How?

CV Translation

Should you get your CV translated? Why and How?

Should you get your CV translated? Why and How?


Job hunting isn’t a very interesting thing to do. Rest assured you wouldn’t want to spend your holidays and weekends searching for jobs. It is a pretty demeaning and exhausting task and once it is done, the hilarity of the situation never stops.


When you are doing your best to make yourself look crisp, not so vanilla and radiant, it becomes increasingly easy for the employers to notice all that tiny things which do not mean a penny to them.


So the first rule that we establish while you update your CV is that do not claim to be what you are not. Even if the truth doesn’t seem to hit the right chords, do not create and extraordinary tune thinking you can dance on it, you will rather trip and fall.


Most of us are not very entitled to have a path of rose petals on a red carpet rolled out for our LinkedIn profile as well. But we must make the most of it. And how shall we do that? By writing, interesting and unbiased CVs for ourselves. Not too flamboyant and so catchy that the employers find it as a joke.


Your résumé is what gets you an interview. Be very careful about what you put in there. Also, translating your résumé is another way to attract more employers towards you. Refrain yourself from making jokes on those sheets of paper.

Basically, it all zeroes down to one thing that is you need a CV that works for you.
Our CVs need to be in the languages we work in; native language usually works the best. But it reaches a narrow audience. What if your client or the employers do not have the same native language as yours? What shall be done then? The answer is get your CV translated. Professionally. Or at least make sure that it is proofread by a native translator or editor. You do not want unintentional language jokes on your CV. If you are about to go or apply in international opportunities, you might as well get your CV translated in languages that you think should be relevant to your job. So if you want a job in Italy, it would be best to get your CV translated into Italian and so on and so forth.


You might face some disadvantages while you translate your CV from one language to another:

  • If you are applying for sectors in which English is widely spoken, translating your CV isn’t a requirement. In fact, it will be appreciated more if you leave your CV as it is while applying to these sectors.
  • There could be some slight problems when you translate your qualifications from one language to another. Qualifications aren’t always same in every country.
  • The format of CVs could differ from country to country.
  • Your fluency in a language and the fluency determined from your CV might differ.


But these are just mere problems. To reach a wider spectrum of employers you definitely can try to overcome these hurdles. Crafting a CV for international job opportunities is very important for your career, at certain point of your life. Hands down this task will be voted as the trickiest, because of the mere problems mentioned above. But some opinions might help you in crafting a splendid CV:


  • Understand the specific CV format (in terms of length and style) of the country that prefer.
  • Know the predominant language.
  • Send both native and foreign/international versions of your CV.

To ensure that you get it right there are professional service provide who can translate it for you. The service provider might be machine translators or human translators. Human translators should be your choice because they retain the meaning of your skills and every word that you put in your CV, unlike the machine translator. Get on with creating a good impression about yourself and land yourself in amazing international opportunities. Make your aspirations come true.


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