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FAQ For Customer

What does Translation Work Zone do?

Translation Work Zone is a preeminent translation and language service provider company. We work as a hub for huge number of translators & linguists in diverse languages from across the world. Our customers get direct & transparent access to different level of translation services across every language where they can choose the level of service and pay accordingly in accordance with your project requirement and budget. Our prices are fully transparent and guaranteed more affordable than any other translation company while our service are more prompt and reliable. 


How to get started as a Retail customer?

You just need to place an order to become a customer.  


How to get started as a Corporate Customer?

If you are a corporate with a regular translation requirement, you may want to sign for our Corporate Account. Click ‘Sign up for a corporate account’ on home page. Enter few basic details of your company and submit. We shall get in touch with you over email or phone to create your group ID and help you add multiple sign-in accounts of all your employees globally who need translation service from time to time. You can work in team with them.

How can I choose the right translator?

Translation is human. Usually most clients find choosing translators with high ratings (such as 5 star or 4 star) best bet.  We recommend it too. If your project is low risk value and budget is an issue, you might like to consider translators whose fees are more suited to your budget.


How do I know the word count of my project? 

Translation fees are calculated worldwide on a per word basis and sometimes also on a per hour basis. We use a per word basis as it is easier to quantify than per hour basis.

How to know word count of your document?

Microsoft Word Document : Displayed on the status bar at the bottom of workspace.

PowerPoint Presentation : File tab > Info > Show all properties.

Excel, PDF : Copy it in MS word and check status bar at the bottom of workspace (on left side)

JPEG :  Use a good OCR software. 

If you still need help with word count? Email us  your documents on [email protected] and we will help.


I have a huge project to be completed really fast. I need more translators to work on my project. 

Please contact us and we will identify the scope and requirement of your project and work out a solution for your project. 


How do I know that my project has been accepted?

If your payment has been processed, you will receive a confirmation email from our project manager within 24 hours regarding your project. 


I did not receive a confirmation email after placing my translation order online?

If you did not receive confirmation either through email or SMS or voice call within 24 hours, then please double check if your transaction was successfully completed.  If your transaction has been successful and the payment has been deducted from your account, please send us an email promptly and we will look into it.


What if I need only some part of a document to be translated?

You will have to define the styles in your document such as for instance you can highlight that text which needs translation in a certain color and specify your requirement while submitting the document with us.

How do I manage my project?

Once your project is accepted, the translator will start working on your project. For all large projects, we will also update progress of the project from time to time. If you have any specific translation request that you missed to send while submitting the project, you can email it to us. If you have additional files in the project, you can email them too. 


How can I be sure that the translator has understood my project specific requirement?

In majority of cases, this is hardly a problem. These translators are experienced professional translators who know their jobs. Besides choosing a translator with high customer rating and experience can help coz they have enormous experience of handling wide variety of projects. However if you have a complicated project at hand or a project demanding a different and more specific treatment, it is best to write your requirements clearly and in detail while submitting the project. You can also ask the translator to complete a small portion as 200 or 300 words to demonstrate to you that he/she has figured out your specific request. Alternatively you also have the option to submit complicated projects or those with specific requests directly to our project managers to ensure their active assistance in ensuring that your requirements are met seamlessly.

I submitted a project and seen the timelines? I need faster translation than that. How can I get it?

You can contact us and we will try to chalk out a solution for you. 


How long are projects stored on your server?

The projects are stored on our server usually for up to 3 months from the date of completion. They’re auto-deleted after that time. We request you to always save a copy of all documents in your computer to avoid any risk of losing them. 


Are my documents kept confidential?

Yes. We are ISO 27001 Data security compliant. We do not sell or share your documents with any third party ever. Only our project managers and translators contacted by you can see the documents uploaded by you. Our employees and most translators are signatories to non-disclosure agreement pertaining to confidentiality of all client data. We can sign project specific confidentiality clauses with specific translators in case of extremely sensitive documents or if this is matter of concern for you, if we receive such a request from you in advance. If you still need to sign a Non-disclosure agreement with our company, we will be happy to do it.

Why are there different quote for the same project? 

The difference in quotes is due to different fees of different translators. Translation is an art. Different translators charge differently, often on basis of their professional qualification & training, years of experience in translation, expertise etc.  As a company based on Total Efficiency Model, we know that different professionals who bring different skills and different quality of service on table will not work on equal pay. Besides cost of living and wage rate in different countries are different, and we would like to pass the cost benefit to customer in all such cases where we can. We proactively take steps from time to time to ensure that translator fees on our panel are comparable with their level of service and efficiency to bring highest standards of cost efficiency to our customers.


What Payment methods do you provide?

You can pay through Credit Card (Visa, Master Card, American Express) from any part of the world. Payment by bank transfer and debit card is also available for selected countries.


Are Payments safe?

We have a strong and secure payment system. Payment to translator is released only a week after completion of project, only when the delivery is made to you and the project is marked complete by you.  Besides to give our customers maximum security and complete peace of mind, we do not ask you to share credit card details on our website ever, so the question of storing credit card details never arises. Whenever you hit the payment button, you’re directed to world’s most trusted and secure payment gateways we have partnered with. Depending upon the country of your location, you will be directed to one of these gateways for completing your transaction. 


Can I make payments by other methods than those listed?

If you wish to pay by any means other than those listed, please write to us. We will try to accommodate any reasonable request. 


Will I get an Invoice for my payment?

Yes. Retail customers shall receive the invoice on their email. In corporate accounts, the invoices will be uploaded by our project managers on scheduled time. If you need them sooner, simply hit Request for Invoice button in the payment section. 



I am doing a large transaction but unable to complete the transaction despite a few attempts? How should I submit my project?

We are sorry to hear about your inconvenience. This can happen temporarily due to some technical problem. If you are unable to make payment via one method, try making payment via another method. If that doesn’t works, click on Contact us button in your account and mention about your project details and transaction amount. We shall immediately look into it on a priority basis and work out a solution.


Do you give a credit period for payment?

We give a credit period only to corporate account holders which are mostly fortune 1000 company or a company with great credit history with us. Other customers need to make advance payment.

Will the delivery be on time? 

We strive hard to meet project deadlines. More than 90% projects are delivered well before the promised time. But in case any project needs additional time by the translator to whom the work has been assigned, we will inform the clients. If the client is unable to accept a deferred date, our project managers assist them with choice of other translators or try to split the project into parts.


What if the translator working on my project is unavailable or falls sick?  Can I be assured of delivery of my assignment?

Yes, in case a translator who has accepted a project but is not available to complete the project, due to any unforeseeable reason such as falling sick or any other issue, we will allocate the work to another translator once it comes to our notice and try to get the translation completed within the timelines as far as possible or at the earliest depending upon when this information is reported to us by translator and availability of other translators. In case there is no close match to the same price available at that time, we will inform the client and the client shall have to pay the difference in fees.


Why am I being requested for additional fees for my project?

Once you select a translator at their quoted price and he/she has accepted it, you are going to get the translation at the same price in most cases except following certain circumstances

  1. Word Count Mismatch: Translator notifies that the actual word count varies from the original word count which was stated during the quotation because client has sent additional work request, or some portion of text could not be read by the software accurately or if the client had manually entered the word count and the Translator found the actual word count was higher. You will have to pay for the cost difference. Any other Translation company in world would account for additional work or word count difference or any other additional overhead which has occurred and was not accounted earlier when they eventually raise their final invoice. 
  1. Expertise involved: Translators charge different fees for documents involving different level of expertise and complexity. A general content of same number of words takes less time and strain to complete than a technical or complex content of the same volume and also involves higher skills. The fees for general documents are listed on the site. Semi-technical and technical documents are liable to be charged roughly 30% to 60% higher. The online system might populate lower prices coz the per word fees for general content is lower than that of technical content. In such a case, once the translator notifies the same or our project managers notice the same, you will be informed and requested to pay additional fees. If you are not sure which category your content falls under, please contact us and we shall assist. 
  1. Emergency : If the translator who has been awarded the project by you falls sick or due to any other emergency is unable to complete your project, our project managers will immediately award the project to another translator of a similar profile as soon as it is brought to our notice by the translator. We shall try to ensure delivery without any extra cost. However if our project managers are unable to find a translator who can complete the project during that time for the same fees, we might have to award the project to a translator with a higher fees and you will have to pay the cost difference.  We will of course inform & confirm with you before proceeding in such a situation.


Do you check the Quality of Translation?

Translation is done and proofread by respective Translators, not by Translation Work Zone Team. We take steps in our Quality module to help ensure that you get good service. We screen translator profiles and give them their first rating basis their quality of sample, (sometimes quality evaluation test), experience, education etc.

If you need to get translation done by one translator and checked by someone else before it reaches you, then you shall have to order a third party proofreading. Any translation company in world would include a third party proofreading only if the client demands it and pays for it. This can be done easily upon completion of your translation.

What if I need to get any changes done in the translation?

You can request for correction. The suggestions can be made by inserting comments.  


What if I don’t like the quality of translation?

We shall send the document to another translator for quality check to verify the extent of issue and work with you and the Translator to work out a solution.


Do you offer refunds?

No, we do not offer refunds. If there are justifying circumstances, please open up a ticket with us by sending us an email. In a rare situation where the translator is unable to deliver the translation we will try to immediately work with you to find an alternate solution or else issue a refund if requested. The maximum claim in any project would be limited to total project fees minus third party charges such as Payment transfer charges etc.

How to get started?

Sign up as a referral partner and endorse our services freely to corporates and others. 


How do I earn? 

Anyone you refer to us who orders a translation service will earn you a payout. There is no limit to how many clients you can refer and cash & bonus you can earn. 


How much will I get paid? 

Whenever you refer a retail customer or a corporate customer, we will pay you 10 percent commission on gross revenue after paying translator. This is valid on not just first but all projects up to 4 months from the date of first project.


How will I get paid?

You will be paid via funds transfer into your bank account.


What is a corporate referral bonus?

We will issue a bonus of USD 500 if you refer a large corporate client and USD 1000 if you refer a fortune 500 company to sign up as our corporate customer. However for the payout to occur, the client account must reach a spending threshold of 15000 USD or above.

My question is not listed here in FAQ. How can I get an answer? 

Please contact us via email on [email protected] and we shall try to help.


I am unable to access your site or the client area or unable to reach to you or the translator through emails.  

This rarely happens and could be due to server issue or another technical issue. If you’re unable to reach our website or us via our emails, we urge you to wait for few hours and in case of urgency, please reach to us on phone. If due to server issues you are not able to reach to us on our official emails, you can also reach to us on gmail by writing to us on [email protected] and we shall get back to you shortly.