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Five Tips that will help an interpreter find more assignments

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Five Tips that will help an interpreter find more assignments

Five Tips that will help an interpreter find more assignments

Finding freelancing jobs in interpretation is not that easy. There are hundreds of freelancers that are in this industry and you would want yourself to be an expert on this and look for more assignments as early as now. But how can you easily find assignments? Check the list below and it will guide you to have your two or more assignments in no time.


  • Join online freelancing platforms, or online groups

There are a LOT of freelancing platforms out there and if you decided to sign up for two or three websites, there is a big chance that you will be having clients in no time. Take some effort and regularly check the websites for new job posts. Apply to every job post that you think you are able to do and you are qualified to. Not only you can look for jobs on freelancing platform but you can join forums or online groups on where you can think your target clients are hanging out. Approach them personally via e-mail or private message and offer your work.


  • Always asks for feedbacks

If you have been previously accepted jobs regarding interpreter services tasks, ask those clients for a feedback or performance certification. Giving and receiving feedbacks and rating are available to most online freelancing platforms, so if you acquire those clients from a platform, ask them for feedback. If your experience is from outside the online freelancing, seek for a performance certificate. Having these feedbacks and certificates will give your new target clients an overview of your skills and performance.


  • Ask for referrals

If you have finished a certain project well, it will not do any harm if you will ask your client to refer you to other clients. Every client knows other clients that are in the same industry and with this, it will not be that difficult to apply since you already have referrals and your previous project can be considered as your application letters.


  • Maintain quality outcome

No tips can be more useful than this one. By accepting a project, you must make sure that you are giving your client the worth of penny they are spending on you. Meet their expectations or even go beyond those expectations. Double or triple check your work before the final submission to make sure that you will not miss any mistakes or unfollowed instructions. Nothing can be more satisfying to any client than a good quality work. If you can maintain this, you will be known in the industry you chose and before you realize it, the client will be the one to seek for your help instead of you applying jobs for them.


  • Keep on learning

Even a successful person keeps on learning every day. Learning doesn’t stop. Continue on learning everything you need to know in interpreting jobs, read tips on how to become successful, always test your skills and abilities. Take online exams specifically cater for your job and get certification, from some online exams, that can be added to your profile.
Learn not only from the tips and exams but from mistakes as well. Keep on checking your previous works and see if you have made any mistake and if there is any, learn from them and avoid committing the same mistake twice. Research on the common mistakes that an interpreter has been doing and make sure to avoid those mistakes. Sometimes, it is better to learn from others. You can ask other people to check some of your works and ask them to criticize it. Learn from the suggestions of previous clients and again, be open to criticisms. Don’t be just satisfied with your work but always keep your goals high, so keep on learning so that you will get better and better as time goes on.



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