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Refer a Client

If you refer a project or client to us, unlike our competitors we would not let it pass with a mere thank you note.

We will manage the entire project from beginning to closing and send you your payout.

With commissions ranging into tens and hundred thousands, it can mean a lot of easy money.

It takes only a minute to sign up & cost you nothing – zilch, zero, nada!


Sign Up as a
Referral Partner


Refer us


Receive your payout
whenever they buy.


10 Percent Commission on gross revenue after paying translator

Upto 6 month

Not just on one project but on all projects upto 6 months from the date of first purchase

Corporate Referral Bonus :

Refer a Corporate & earn a bonus of USD 500 to 1000. [T&C*]

No Limit

There is no limit to how many clients you can refer and cash & bonus you can earn.

Cash out

Whenever you like.