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Prospect of Translation in India

Prospect of Translation in India

Prospect of Translation in India

The translation industry in India is experiencing rapid growth and already has a considerable market size. The emergence and growth of this industry have been facilitated by several factors and signals a bright new day for Indian practitioners of the written word. A good translation course can go a long way into getting you started in this field and take your career places.

As the world becomes closer and the boundaries of distance fail to separate lands the translation industry in India is in a state of boom. This is only to be expected as the intermingling of various cultures in the globalized world encourages the exchange of ideas. And India has a rich and checkered history of assimilating all the cultures it has previously come into contact within its mainstream fold.


Advantage India

To get to the topic at hand, we see an increasing propensity in the Indian workforce to choose translation as a lucrative career option. This is hardly surprising considering the dexterity in language that many young Indians exhibit.


A Growing Need

The emergence of a global culture as exemplified by internet users has created a need for a new breed of communicators who will facilitate the interaction of western and other cultures with the traditional Indian one.


The Size of the Industry

The translation industry in India as mentioned earlier is in a state of boom. In 2015 some reports suggested that the industry size stood at $1 billion. The British rule in India indeed had many positive, even if mostly unintended, results. The British education led India into its renaissance and the present IT exploits of the people from our land owe a great deal to those policies.


Outsourcing of Services

No matter how hard the Trump administration comes down on outsourcing, it is a veritable inevitability for a global economy. And apart from the famed Indian IT brain, the Indian grasp over language is also considerable.


It’s a Lucrative Business

Even in these times where the world is smaller than ever before language plays a barrier. And foreign companies, not necessarily from English speaking countries, want to tap the promising Indian market. To get to the people these businesses must speak in a language that the masses understand.


Cross colonization

The significant cross colonization that has taken place in the near past has spread the popularity of native Indian languages, even in cultures vastly different from their own. Indian literature never had it so good with the varied translations, helping it to trigger the imagination of people far from their land. And considering the rich heritage and diversity of native languages in India, it is little wonder that it’s a runaway hit. The expression of the Indian literary thought in English is also striking.


A Bright Future

The Indian government would do well to retain its focus on English as it will not only help the language industry, but also increase the employability of Indians as part of the intensely competitive global workforce. Even the present right rulers of India have rightly refrained from tampering with the English vigor of national educational boards.


Translation Course

Where there is a market there are service providers to cater to that particular market, which can explain the increasing popularity of translation courses among aspirants in this field.


All in all, things look bright!


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