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FAQ For Translator

Who can register as a Translator?

You should only register only if you are a professional Translator who has been translating for minimum 2 years or more professionally (in job or freelance). Just having knowledge of two languages doesn’t make one a translator. One must have relevant translation skills and experience. 


How to register as a Translator?

Submit your CV at [email protected] including details of your language pair(s), charges per word, speed, days of availability etc. to get started.


What price should I quote?

Your quote should be economical and extremely competitive. Most agencies receive several CV every day. But in this competitive world it’s usually freelancers with competitive service & pricing who receive most projects. Once you have received a significant customer rating and made a niche clientele of your own you can gradually increase your fees if you like.


What speed should I quote?

You should select how many words you can comfortably handle in a day and you should also mention the days on which you would work on translation projects. Our system would use this information to generate your availability and timeline for any project when a customer searches for translators in your language pair.


Why do I have to sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement)?

We are ISO 27001 Data security compliant company. We are committed to safeguard the confidentiality of all customer data, identity and information obtained thereof through the project assigned to us for translation. Since our freelancers often have an access to such client documents when they’re assigned to translate them, It is therefore imperative that they observe complete confidentiality of all client information and not to ever leak, sell, transfer, share or reveal them electronically or in any other verbal/ written manner ever nor should they store them so leniently that it may be vulnerable to be misplaced or leaked. Freelancers need to sign a non-disclosure agreement before they can receive translation work.


Why should I submit a sample translation? 

We strongly recommend you to email us a translation sample along with your CV. A sample would help in building customer confidence in your profile and give them an idea of the quality of translation that they can expect if they choose to work with you. A sample is basically a portion of translated text taken possibly from any of your earlier work (Minimum 200 to maximum 600 words of translation) which can throw some light about your skills to a prospective customer. Please make sure your sample consists of both the original content and subsequent translation thereof. Make sure to exclude any content that contains confidential information or name of any person, logo, of any organization / brand/ country/government/ image or any information that is patentable or classified or discloses any personally identifiable information of yours or anyone else. It shall be best to select a portion of neutral content as a sample.

How can I get more work?
Quoting a highly competitive translation fees can be a good icebreaker. Flexible & competitive fees with professional attitude & service can be the best way to get started. Once you begin to get a project, you should make sure your translation is of satisfactory quality, meets industry standards and client expectations and are delivered always on or before time. This will enable you to gain good ratings from customers, which in turn would help you get more projects through us. You can gradually increase your fees as you begin to get more work than you can handle. Being patient and having a strategy in place would help.

Important things to check before accepting a project request?

Whenever a customer chooses you for a project, you will get an email. You should check the document, timeline, expertise level, word count and the fees that would be paid to you.
If the word count as stated by client is accurate and you would be able to deliver the translation well within the timelines, you should accept the project and start working on it. If you notice any mismatch in word count stated by client, you must report it immediately. We may not be able to help if you report any mismatch in word count and/or expertise level at a later stage.


What to do if I am not available to accept a project request?
We encourage you to accept translation requests whenever you get one. It goes a long way in improving your profile on our site. However if you’re not able to accept a project request due to an unavoidable reason, you must reject the request and include the reason for doing so.


What are the guidelines in a communication with a client?
Translators are expected to carry all communication exclusively in English and keep all communication specific, precise & unambiguous and confined to the client’s translation requirement. You cannot seek or share email/ phone number/ name / company name/ social or professional networking profile link/ website or any other personally identifiable information on mail or chats including under any goodwill gesture. Doing so is a violation of our non-disclosure contract with translators and T&C of service with customers.


Can I cancel a project after accepting it?
You should consider your availability before accepting a project. It is better to not accept a project than to cancel it upon acceptance as it often causes inconvenience and may affect timely deliveries and client satisfaction negatively. If however, due to an emergency, you must leave the project midway, you must inform us without any delay so that we can try to award the project to another translator immediately. You must keep such incidences to absolute minimum.

How will I get my payment?
Your payment shall be made through PayPal. Freelancers located in few countries will receive payment by bank account transfer.


When will I receive my payment?
Payments to translators are made during first week of every month.


Do I need to raise an Invoice?
Yes. An Invoice has to be submitted upon project completion.


How to raise an Invoice and prevent payment issues?
The word count and amount of your invoice must match the project fees which were sent to you when the project request was accepted by you. If any additional work has been performed, an intimation of same must be made before submitting the translation to client so that we can ask the client to pay. If there is any discrepancy in word count, you must inform us immediately. If you submit a translated file without informing us and obtaining our approval in such cases, we cannot ensure additional payment if the client doesn’t pays after receiving the translation.

What happens if the delivery gets delayed?
It is very important to meet project timelines. If timelines are met on time by and large and quality is reported satisfactory, you will be rewarded with incentives. On the other hand, inefficient service as in delays and poor quality of work may lead termination of a freelancer account. Meeting timelines is critical as clients are counting on timely delivery. There is no room for delays and excuses and these would be considered extremely unprofessional and lower your ratings and if the delays are significant like more than a few hours, your project fees can also be penalized anywhere from 10-100 percent.
If you have a good track record of meeting timelines with us, and you have a strong reason for delaying a delivery, please send a request for additional time to client and as long as the client can afford to extend some extra time, it shall be acceptable to us. However if the client is unable to extend the timeline, we may have to allocate the work to another translator. We advise you to keep incidences as these bare minimum.


How many times would I have to make changes in translation?
If the client requests any changes or correction in translation, it has to be performed till client’s satisfaction by you at no additional fees.


What if the client doesn’t like the quality of translation?
If the client rejects the quality of translation, we may send the document to another translator to verify the extent of issue in translation and work with you and the customer to work out a solution. No translation fees shall be paid if upon review it is found that the quality of translation is far from satisfactory. In such a case the project shall be awarded to another translator to protect the interest of the customer from paying for an unacceptable quality of translation. However if the quality of translation is reported satisfactory by the neutral reviewer, then we shall pay the translation fees to you even if the client doesn’t pays.


What is Translator’s Performance Metrics all about?
Our company and operations are based on Total Efficiency Model. We take efficiency seriously. We encourage translators who meet timelines and manage to get high satisfaction ratings on translation quality from our customers. You can see your performance report for all projects in your account or request a report from us on email. We have a performance point system in place for both early submission (higher) and on time submission (high). High Quality ratings from client also yield points depending upon the level of rating. Delayed submission and poor ratings both have separate negative points. High Bonus points would lead to reward in form of higher ratings and recommendation from us leading to more prospects of getting more projects over time. We also give small cash incentives to high performers from time to time. Besides even if you are getting few jobs now despite high performance, you’re still in our good books and in the long run you’re extremely likely to benefit in multiple ways one of which includes getting preferential offer for large or regular projects; permanent work from home in a full time/ part time position etc. if you be patient. We would only want to hire and encourage the most efficient translators.

My question is not listed here in FAQ. How can I get an answer?
Please contact us via email on [email protected] and we shall try to help.


I am unable to access your site or the translator area.
This rarely happens and could be due to server issue or another technical issue. If you’re unable to reach our website, we urge you to wait for few hours and in case of urgency, please reach to us on phone. If due to server issues you are not able to submit your response or translated files to us on our official emails, you can also reach to us on Gmail by writing to us on tra[email protected] and we shall get back to you shortly.