Delivery Guarantee & Payment Safety | Translation WorkZone
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Delivery Guarantee & Payment Safety

Our customers are protected by
Translation Work Zone Delivery Guarantee.

99% chances are that you would never need to worry about Quality or Delivery on our site, but in a rare situation of any issue, we have put in place our Delivery Guarantee to let you know how much importance we attach to the interests of our customer.


If your project is declined by translator of your choice, we will spring into action and find a replacement to the translator with another one of similar caliber without scaling your cost to protect your project from delay. 🙂

During Translation

In case the translator is unable to complete the project midway due to health issues or an emergency, we will jump in to find a replacement of your translator with another one of similar caliber to ensure delivery without any extra cost. However if we are unable to find a replacement at that price during that time we may have to upgrade your project to a translator with higher fees and you would only have to pay the difference. 🙂


If you would like to get any changes done into your translation, you can share your feedback or suggestions and your translator will perform it at no extra cost. In an extremely rare situation, if a client reports that quality of translation is not acceptable, we shall upon receiving a request from you send the translation to a neutral independent translator to verify the extent of the problem. Basis the report obtained, we shall work with you and the translator for a fair resolution which shall be final and binding on both parties. 🙂

In a nutshell, we have a lot more clear and customer friendly policies in place to protect your interest fairly in comparison with a traditional translation company. We just wont leave you in a lurch 🙂

Payment Safety

Your payment is routed securely through most trusted & secure payment gateways. Our site uses different renowned & secure gateways. Depending upon which part of world you’re acessing our website from, you will be directed to one of them.

We do not store your credit card details, nor we can auto deduct any payment ever from your card or bank details. You will always enter your payment details on payment gateway site. You will be charged only when you make a purchase of translation and confirm your order and hit the button ‘pay’. Never else. Pure & Simple.

You’re protected by Translation Work Zone Delivery Guarantee once your project is submitted and payment is received. In a rare situation if the translator is unable to complete your translation, we shall work with you to find an alternate solution; or else refund you your money if we receive such a request from you. No questions asked.

If you have a quite large project at hand, and you’re a new customer and wary before making a large payment, we urge you to drop us an email on [email protected] and we shall try to work out something like a part payment or phase-wise payment program.

If you’re a large corporate, you can sign up for a corporate account and you may be eligible for a credit period; that is, you only have to make payments after the project gets completed and the final invoice is raised.

We strive hard to protect the interests of our customers but we have to safegaurd the interest of our translators too. Therefore your payments once received by us are locked down till project completion. We will only release this payment to the translator once you have received the translation and marked the project as complete. Your money & project are both safe 🙂

Translation Work Zone is an ethical & people-oriented company.

Feel free to speak to our team, via phone or email to let us know if you still have any concern.

We are always happy to receive email /calls & shall work with you to forge a long standing partnership.