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Reach out to a new audience!!!

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Document Translation

We provide Translation from one language to another for documents of diverse nature of different industries requiring different expertise.

Translation in every language pair is performed by native translators with professional training and wide experience and expertise. You will find a sizable majority of linguists & subject matter specialists in different languages from across the world on our panel; online or offline.

We have a categorized them into dedicated teams on the basis of different language pair & sub-classified them on basis of different expertise.

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Website Translation

Do you need to redeisgn your website into several languages to reach out to millions and billions of prospective customer swiftly and turn your brand from local/ regional to global? We will give you a solution from start to finish:

◽ Website Content writing which sparks interest, mobilizes traffic & drives sales

◽ Website Translation into several languages to extend your brand reach all across the world

◽ Website Re-designing that makes your site stand out from the lot, is not only more appealing but has a better user interface and  builds customer confidence and brand value

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Certified Translation

Certified translation is most often requested for different type of certificates; educational or others to be submitted to embassies, foreign universities, government, international organizations etc. Sometimes they are documents other than certificates but need a certified translation. Our certified translations are duly attested and rolled out with a separate certificate which is widely accepted globally.

In case you require a translation which has a specific certification request from translators accredited in a specific language pair by a regulator in a specific geographical region, let us know and we shall be able to assist.


Multi-lingual Customer Query Management

When your customers/ clients across different languages send query, emails, request sale/ service in their local language, we can directly respond queries in their respective language or promptly translate them and submit them to you and then translate your replies in their language, all within a couple of hours. You won’t need to hire a language expert or a local representative for different language every time. We will do it for a fraction of cost under a monthly maintenance plan.

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Online Multi Lingual Resource Hub

Your customers, your employees, your associates are located globally and speak different languages. From time to time you have to release user manuals or other customer linked information & updates on your existing & upcoming product/services for your customers. For your employees & associates, you often have to come up with different type of policies or guidelines, training, strategy, marketing material, survey report, SOP, contracts etc. We can translate them in those languages in which your customers / employees/ associates need to access them and organize it in form of a fabulous modern multi lingual online resource hub of your company enabling your customers and people to freely access (view or download) them thereby improving ease of reach, multiplying sales & raise efficiency.

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Other Language Services

  • Interpretation Services
  • Proofreading Services
  • Desktop Publishing & Multilingual Typesetting Services
  • Audio-Visual Translation (Voice Over & Subtitling Services)
  • Content Writing Services (Please see bottom of the page)

For our other services, Send us your request on [email protected]

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IT & Software


Advertising & Marketing


Travel & Hospitality

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Retail & Consumer Goods


General Documents


Governement Documents

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Training & E-learning

social sector translation

Social Sector Org / Not for Profits





Content Writing Services

Give words a Color…

Are you looking for …

  • A content that is crisp & persuasive?
  • A content that sparks interest & attracts?
  • A content that engages & then also lives up to the expectation it sets up?
  • A content that is interesting and easy to understand?
  • A content that drives decision, sales, sign up; delivers?

We undertake premium content writing & creative writing assignments for a couple of areas. If you already have a content (or a webiste) and you wish to get them recreated in an aesthetic, eloquent and impressive manner with an intent to communicate powerfully so as to generate an impact, we can help. Be it creating content for an impressive website, a training material, a manual, a handbook, questionnaire, article or poster among others, we can help you create a content that is user friendly and one that can make a mark and drive results. Moreover we can creatively translate them in any language and make it multi lingual if required. Please write to us with your project details, estimated scope & volume, timelines and other expectations and we shall promptly revert.

Hassle-Free Service Guarantee!

There are several things at work to keep you on toes.

….Our Translation Service wouldn’t be one.